Cat maintenance in the city

A cat from ancient times lives next to a person. In those days, such cohabitation was purely utilitarian and mutually beneficial. Cats caught rats and mice, protecting human stocks, thereby they brought tangible benefits. Cats themselves received a constant source of food from humans and the ability to take refuge in bad weather. Now there is no such need, but human love for cats has remained.

It is interesting! Today, the cat is the most popular companion animal. No matter how the cat appeared in your home.

If you bought it in a prestigious nursery or found a kitten on the street, the main thing is upbringing and care, and then the animal will answer you with devotion and love.

Breed selection

In an ordinary city apartment, sometimes it’s too crowded for a person, let alone animals. If you are a resident of a big city and decide to get a cat, then you should choose a breed that will feel comfortable in cramped conditions.

Such breeds include: Persian cat, British Longhair, regdoll, short-haired exotic and Russian blue cat. Some of these breeds are quite large, but one thing unites them: these are quiet and calm cat breeds, they are easily trained and have a complaisant character. Such breeds can easily live in a city apartment.

In principle, any breed can be suitable for keeping in the conditions of the city, the whole thing is upbringing. An exception can be made, perhaps, for Siamese cats. They are quite active and are often cramped in a small room. It all depends on the quality and duration of such education. It often happens that the simplest purebred cats adapt perfectly to life in a big city and live quite quietly in apartments.

To ensure that your pet is calm no matter what the season, sterilization for cats and castration for cats are recommended. If you are not going to breed cats, then this will be the best solution. It is during this exacerbation that cats most often run away from home, fall out of the window and receive serious injuries. Thus, you get rid of many common problems. Some believe that such an operation is very harmful to the health of animals, but this is a misconception.

Important! After sterilization, the pet becomes calmer and stops marking the territory in the apartment. Moreover, sterilization of the animal will protect it from cancer of the uterus and mammary glands by 90%.

And in order to avoid the problem of excess weight, you just do not overfeed the animal and give some physical activity that can be provided at home.

Required Accessories

In order for your pet to feel comfortable and safe at home, you need to buy a number of special accessories for the furry pet. Each cat owner must have: a tray, two or three bowls, a harness for walking and warm clothes, if walking is expected in the cold season. You should also pay close attention to the windows. It often happens that cats fall out of negligence or out of curiosity. It turns out that the windows must be protected: it is best to do this by installing a special net, but not a regular mosquito net, these nets are too weak, but more special and strong, which is designed for cats.

Depending on your pet’s coat, you need to purchase a set of scallops for grooming.. To preserve furniture and wallpaper, you must have special nail clippers, because in your apartment your cat does not have the opportunity to grind the claws in a natural way. To transport a cat, you need to have a carrier to make it comfortable, it is better to get a tough one, and although it is a little heavier, it is much safer and more convenient for the animal.

Diseases, vaccinations, prevention

If your cat is constantly at home and does not go outside, do not think that she is completely safe and well protected from diseases. You yourself are constantly on the street and go home in shoes, bringing with you bacteria that could be dangerous for your cat, especially if it’s still a kitten whose immunity is weaker than that of adult animals.

Important! Diseases such as panleukopenia or cat's distemper, viral leukemia are very dangerous, they occur severely and the proportion of death is up to 90%.

Therefore, if you do not want to lose a friend, do not neglect vaccinations. If you at least sometimes go for a walk with a cat on a leash or take it to the country, then vaccinations are all the more necessary.

Prevention from parasites is also required, this is especially true if your cat eats natural food. In order for your pet to receive the necessary loads, he needs to buy a special corner where he can ride, sharpen his claws and hide. It does not take up much space, but it will bring a lot of pleasure for your pet.

In order for your pet to be healthy and live long, it is necessary to provide physical activity in addition to a healthy diet and timely vaccinations. This will avoid obesity and muscle atrophy.

If you did everything right, then your cat will be able to live for a long time and the time will come when she will become old. At this time, your pet will need special care. After 8-9 years, serious signs of aging of the animal come. In some breeds, fangs may fall out, the fat layer may decrease, the hair will thin out, and vision and smell will deteriorate. At this age, animals need special care.

Cat walking rules in the city

There are several myths about walking cats on the street. The first one says that your cat is very scared when he gets to the street. In fact, she will be more scared if you pull her by the leash and yell at her. Take it calmly, give it an opportunity to get comfortable and everything will be fine. The second myth is that once on the street once, the cat will strive there constantly. This is also not so.

Your pet will be happy to walk when there is such an opportunity, and when not, it will quietly wait for time for a walk. There are also a number of prejudices about the fact that the cat will not allow putting on a harness or may suffocate by pulling on a leash and so on. This is all not true, just the cat needs to be properly educated and accustomed to new things gradually, without rushing.

It often happens that these freedom-loving animals are very poorly used to restrict freedom. Therefore, it will take time for the cat to get used to the leash. To do this, for several days, put on a harness on a cat, put it on a leash and walk around the apartment. Once your cat is used to a new thing, you can go outside.

Before you plan to go for a walk, you need to investigate the situation for a few days. You should set the time when there are no dogs in the place where you are going to take walks, otherwise the walk will be overshadowed. Also, you need to go around places where there are garbage containers, noisy places and avoid streets with heavy traffic. All this can scare your pet.

Important! In the city, it is better not to let one cat out into the street. There are many dangers awaiting her. These are big dogs, other cats, cars and a big risk of getting lost. Therefore, the cat should be displayed only on a leash. Before you go out, you should accustom your cat to a leash.

There is an opinion that if a cat goes to the toilet on the street, then he will no longer go to the tray at home, which will cause problems. In fact, this is not so, at home everything will be in normal mode, since cats will forever remember the place of their usual toilet in the apartment.

Departure to the nature

When walking with a cat in nature, for example, if you went to the cottage, there are other dangers. There are no cars, fewer people, but there are many things that are not in the city. In rural areas, your pet may be in danger of a slightly different kind. Outside the city, there are much more other animals that your cat may show interest in, although it is domestic, the instinct of the hunter has not been canceled.

Such dangers threaten the pet on your site, but cats are very curious animals and can leave him. There, beyond their territory, even more trouble awaits them. If your neighbors in the country have poultry: chickens, ducks, geese, you must carefully monitor that your cat does not hunt their chicks, otherwise an unpleasant conflict situation will arise.

Important! In addition to simple mice and birds, hedgehogs, vipers and some types of dangerous insects can fall into the cat's paws. Hedgehogs should be remembered that they are in second place for the spread of rabies after foxes. Therefore, before going to your favorite summer cottage, take care of all the necessary vaccinations.

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